Dining Room Table Lighting Inspiration – Contemporary Look

Dining room tables are no longer just the place where we eat. Dining room tables are now part of our at-home office, the homework help center, the transition land of all lost items and the place where the family might eat if the game isn’t on. 

The lighting overhead of your dining room table should express your style and feel of your family’s aesthetic. We have collected three options for those aspiring to a contemporary feel in their dining room.

  • Euclid 3-Light Chandelier in Chrome & Matte Black

This three-light chandelier commands visual interest over a dining space. The power of open geometric shapes fashioned from chrome and matte black finish steel adds an invigorating effect over a candelabra-style bulb mount, yielding an impressive mixed motif look.

The Euclid collection is also offered in olde brass and bronze finish.

Size not what you’re looking for? 

The Euclid Collection offers 4-light, 6-light, 8-light, 10-light and 12-light options in a similar chandelier style or long island light style. 

  • Neutra 5-Light Chandelier in Matte Black & Polished Nickel

From the Neutra collection comes this vintage-inspired island 5-light fixture, lending a charming mid-century modern flair to a contemporary style home. Five clear glass globes at each end of staggered, curved matte black rods, accented with a shiny polished nickel finish, cast a bright glow across the space.

The Neutra collection is also offered in matte black and foundry brass.

Size not what you’re looking for?

The Neutra Collection offers 3-light, 7-light and 9-light options in a similar chandelier style or long island light style. 

  • Ascension 10-Light Chandelier in Chrome

Bring the visual impact of a space-inspired fixture to any contemporary space, adding this dynamic ten-light chandelier to a modern dining room or living area. The sleek look of brilliant chrome finish steel shapes a linear frame and canopy with slender adjustable arms angled to create an abstract silhouette. 

The Ascension Collection is also offered in a matte black finish.

Size not what you’re looking for?

The Ascension Collection offers 8-light, 10-light, 16-light and 20-light options in a similar chandelier style. 

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