Lighting Your Family Room

Lighting your family room can be a tricky business. There are so many lighting options available. It can definitely be overwhelming. But not to worry. We are here to help!

When shopping for your family room lighting consider these three tips:

1) Think About the Purpose of Each Area of the Room

Take a look through your living room and think of the different activities you would like to happen in the family room. For example, do you have a cozy armchair perfect for a cup of tea and a good book? Do you love to have family movie nights and want to be able to dim the lights for the theatrical effect?  These are areas where you may want to add layered lighting options.  By adding the perfect floor lamp to complete your reading nook and armchair, you will complete the cozy factor. Remember – All of your light does not need to come from one source! 

2) Style and Sight Lines

Nowadays open floor plans are basically essential. The family room is a high traffic area and often an intersection point in the house. Take a look from the front door, down the hallway, dining room, etc and check to see what you can see within those different sight lines. You may want to choose an overhead lighting option that compliments or contrasts the other elements within the space. 

3) Don’t Forget The Accessories!

Don’t forget the finishing touches like dimmer switches and remote controls. Creating a little ambiance in your family room is always a good idea. And a remote control or smart bulbs mean you don’t have to get out off the couch to turn off the light.

If you are looking to update your family room lighting please feel free to contact us

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Some Inspiration:

Sophia Wall Sconce in Matte Black
Geo Chandelier in Matte Black and Chrome
Lynx Pendant in Iron Ore with White Shade

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