Hallway Lighting 101

Lighting the hallway is often overlooked in the initial lighting budget. This is an area where people often just stick whatever is cheapest up and leave it at that. But hallways are one of the most functional, and most occupied places in our homes. Your hallway light is likely to get turned on every single day. (Especially in the winter!) So why not dazzle up this often overlooked area of the home. Use our hallway lighting tips to make sure you are getting the most out of it!

Tip 1 – On the Ceiling or On the Wall?

Depending on the age and style of your home, you may have a ceiling light or wall light in your hallways, or sometimes both! If you are doing a new build you may have more flexibility to choose the style you prefer. Generally most people like to keep their hallways clear of obstacles as the hallway is a place for lots of movement. 

Ceiling lights are best for those with a narrow hallway. This helps keep the flow of traffic moving through the hallway without interruption. On the ceiling you can use pendants or chandeliers for those with high ceilings, or flush mounts or semi flush mounts for those with a lower ceiling. There was a time when flush mounts and semi-flush mounts were considered boring in lighting, but those days are over! There are so many new and interesting configurations of this type of lighting!

Wall sconces are best for those with a wider hallway. Most wall sconces will protrude about 5-9” off of the wall, so it is best to use these fixtures higher up on your wall. Wall sconces are a great choice if you have artwork or mirrors in your hallway. These fixtures will serve two purposes – firstly to light your hallway, and secondly to draw the eye to your artwork/mirrors. 

Tip 2 – Placement

The length of your hallway will help you to determine how many fixtures you need to keep things bright and safe. A good rule of thumb is to place your ceiling light or wall sconce fixtures every 8’ through the hallway. If you are using a fixture that requires a lower wattage, you may want to use fixtures more frequently through the space. 

Tip 3 – Style

Your hallway light is likely to get turned on every single day. (Especially in the winter!) So why not dazzle up this often overlooked area of the home. Find something that speaks to you and compliments your home. Take a look from different angles down your hallway and ensure that your sightlines will compliment one another. 

Hallway Inspiration:

Sonna Flush Mount in Heritage Brass
Arlington Flush Mount in Heritage Brass
Beau Wall Sconce in Polished Nickel

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