Spring 2022 Lighting Trends

The snow is melting away, and hopefully going to stay away! The smell of spring is in the air and people are excited to get to their home improvement projects this spring! We’ve compiled a few areas of lighting where we are seeing an increased interest already this spring. 

1) Outdoor Lighting

Eclipse Outdoor Wall Sconce in Black

Summer is the season to be outside and enjoy the sunshine here in Southwestern Ontario. After the winter, it is no surprise that people are wanting to scratch that outdoor itch early this spring. 

We have seen families focusing on two main areas for their outdoor lighting already:

  1. The Front Door
  2. The Back Porch

Our clients have been wanting to make their front and back porches more welcoming for the neighbourhood crew. Check out our helpful tips on finding the perfect wall light for your outdoor space.

2) Lighting Up the Hallway

Geo Semi Flush Mount in Matte Black and Chrome

Lighting the hallway is often overlooked in the initial lighting budget. This is an area where people often just stick whatever is cheapest up and leave it at that. But hallways are one of the most functional, and most occupied places in our homes. Your hallway light is likely to get turned on every single day. (Especially in the cloudy, rainy, springtime!) So why not dazzle up this often overlooked area of the home. Use our hallway lighting tips to make sure you are getting the most out of it! 

3) Living Room Love

Cavallo Pendant in Hammered Black and Chrome

After the past few years staying safer-at-home, families have truly come to appreciate the importance of family time. And of course, a lot of this family time happens at home in the living room. We have seen an increase in the number of clients wanting to add a bit of a ‘wow factor’ to these living spaces. Check out our living room tips to create the perfect space for your family!

If you are looking to update your home’s lighting please feel free to contact us

Or better yet, come in for a visit to our showroom!

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