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Layering Light in Your Living Room

Lighting your family room can be a tricky business. There are so many lighting options available. It can definitely be overwhelming. But not to worry. We are here to help!

Take a look through your living room and think of the different activities you would like to happen in the family room. For example, do you have a cozy armchair perfect for a cup of tea and a good book? Do you love to have family movie nights and want to be able to dim the lights for the theatrical effect?  These are areas where you may want to add layered lighting options.  

Typically designers like to use four layers of light when creating the perfect feel in a room. The four types of lighting are:

  1. Natural Lighting
Featured Fixture: Euclid Chandelier in Matte Black

Of course, we all love to have bright beautiful windows in our home! Windows grant access to beautiful natural light. Depending on what direction your family room windows are, you will get a different feeling of natural light throughout the day. Knowing this will help you to bring in artificial lighting to manage the times of day where natural light is deficient.

2. Ambient Lighting

Featured Fixture: Beau Chandelier in Rubbed Brass

Ambient lighting is usually your overhead lighting. Often in family rooms this is overhead light that illuminates the majority of the room. Chandeliers, pot lights, flush mounts, and semi-flush mount lights are all great solutions for ambient lighting in the family room. It is always best to have these lights on a dimmer so you can adjust the amount of light coming from this source throughout the day.

3. Task Lighting

Featured Fixture: Calumet Floor Lamp in Matte Black and Polished Nickel

Task lighting allows a concentrated source of light to help execute a task. In your family room you may want task lighting in areas where you like to read, the kids do crafts, etc. Usually in the family room we see task lighting as a floor or table lamp. 

4. Accent Lighting

Featured Fixture: Fontaine Wall Sconce in Polished Nickel

Accent lighting allows you to highlight different features in your family room. That could be your fireplace, a beautiful piece of artwork or within your cabinets. Oftentimes accent lighting can take the form of using wall sconces or integrated lighting solutions to draw the eye to the features of your home. 

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Featured Fixture: Sonna Flush Mount in Heritage Brass
Featured Fixture: Flair Wall Sconce in Antique Nickel