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3 Must-Know Lighting Tips

Lighting design is often one of those design elements that feels overwhelming. Let us help take some stress off with some of the most important lighting tips and tricks to embrace…

1 – Mix & Match Across Finishes

Gone are the days where your lighting fixtures need to match perfectly to the hardware of your kitchen cabinet hardware or bathroom taps. Nowadays mixing finishes is all the rage. Be bold and experiment with complimentary finishes in the kitchen and bathroom. If you have chrome taps, try out a vanity light finished in matte black for a bold statement. 

2 – Layers, Layers, and More Layers

Finding the perfect combination of lighting for your home can be tricky, but let us help you with breaking down the most important tip for lighting your home – layering your light sources!

Within each room of your home there are many different types of tasks that need to be accomplished. For example, think of all the things you do in your home office – working on the computer, reading, talking on the phone, video calls, holding meetings, etc. Each of these tasks would benefit from a different style of lighting which all layer together to create the perfect home office! 

When layering your lighting it is important to consider three types of light:natural light (windows), overhead lighting (flush mount, chandeliers, pendants, etc) and task lighting (under cabinet lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, etc). Combining these three types of lighting will illuminate your home to perfection! 

3 – Style

And finally, it all comes back to style! Your personal style as well as the character of your home should inform your design choices across your home. Take some time and think about the feeling you want to create in each room. Do you want your front foyer to be welcoming, to dazzle, to relax, or maybe to excite! Do you want your living room to feel cozy or to have an air of sophistication? The options are endless!

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