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Lighting Your Primary Bedroom

Oftentimes bedroom lighting is overlooked. But what people don’t realize is that these are the perfect rooms to play with your lighting design. Bedrooms are the one area of the house where you want the ability for the room to be completely dark, completely bright, and somewhere in between all within the same 24 hours. Luckily for you, we can help you make that happen!

When shopping for your primary bedroom lighting consider these three tips:

1) Think About the Purpose of Each Area of the Room

Take a look through your bedroom and take note of the different tasks you want to accomplish. For example, do you have a vanity area in your bedroom for applying make-up, or do you like to read in bed? These are areas where you may want to add layered lighting options.  Maybe a desk light is needed on the vanity. Or some bedside scones or hanging pendants would be neat for bedtime reading! Or even the perfect floor lamp to complete your cozy reading nook and armchair. Remember – All of your light does not need to come from one source.

2) Consider Climate Control

Ceiling fans are a popular choice for bedroom lighting. The great benefit of having a ceiling fan is the air movement. The amount of air flow is determined by the pitch of the blades. Most residential ceiling fans will be pitched between 12-16 degrees. There are also fans with higher pitches like 22 degrees for even more air movement. The greater degree of pitch will result in more air flow. 

3) Have Fun!

Bedrooms are the place where doors close when company comes over. The lights in your bedrooms do not need to match or compliment any other lights in the house. If you love that crazy over the top chandelier but it would look out of place hanging over your dining room table, then have a little fun in your bedroom! 

4) Don’t Forget The Accessories!

Don’t forget the finishing touches like dimmer switches and remote controls. Creating a little ambiance in the bedroom is always a good idea. And a remote control means you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light!

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